Make ’em laugh to make ’em learn.

I’m continuing my lessons from Neuroscience theme again in this post. In the fascinating article Humour, analogy, and metaphor, Randy Garner explains that scientific studies have consistently shown that a little humour in the classroom actually increases interest in learning, strengthens information recall, and encourages longer and deeper retention of knowledge. According to one paper he cites:

“teachers who use strategies that promote the connection between humor and learning usually provide students with their best school experiences”

I bet many of you already have your corny jokes ready to roll. Some of my terrible Physics/maths favourites:

  • Gravity? Depressing subject! Gets you down…
  • Student: “Sir, what (sic) is the unit of Power?” – Sir: “Correct!”
  • Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip? To stay on the same side.
  • What happens if you cross a Physics teacher and a Geology teacher? They talk about Earthquarks
  • What happened to the criminal mathematician? He went to prism!
  • What’s the cheapest sub-atomic particle? Neturons! They have no charge..
  • How do you neutralise an enemy air base? Use an air acid!

What are your favourites? Let’s share and use! I’m suggesting the use of #teacherjokes on Twitter as a great way forward…

Some great contributions:

  • @doc_gnome: we’ll be looking at splitting long hydrocarbons into more useful substances; it’s going to be a cracking lesson.
  • @BeckyBoooo: did you hear about the mathematician with constipation? He had to work it out with a pencil.
  • @slkslkslk: The Red Room and The Tell Tale Heart are similar because in both the climax happens in a bedroom.

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