My year in review #Nurture1516

Things I’m grateful for in 2015:

January – Schools week very kindly published a profile of me. A very strange but touching process.

February  – I appeared on BBC Newsnight to debate LGBT teachers being out in school. [Video no longer online, alas]

February – I made friends for life with Debra Kidd and Lisa Jane Ashes in a wonderful week teaching physics at (what was then called) Park View school. I also remembered how much I love teaching.


March – I was announced as Chair of the DfE CPD Expert Group. A huge responsibility – very humbling and exciting.

April – My inspirational Dad’s 80th birthday.

May – I was flown to the US where I visited NYC for the first time and then went on to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to speak at their TEDx event. Hard to express how excited and honoured I was.

David Weston speaks at TedXGrandRapids on May 7, 2015. Photo by Bud Kibby
David Weston speaks at TedXGrandRapids on May 7, 2015. Photo by Bud Kibby

June – my charity, the Teacher Development Trust, launched our joint massive new review (with TES) of what works in effective teacher development, by Cordingley et al

June – I had a piece published in The Guardian about homophobia in schools

Photograph: David Poller/ZUMA Press/Corbis – from Guardian article

August – my amazing husband was nominated as best brand for Muscat Bridal in one of the world’s top bridal wear trade shows.

September – Over 6 and a half years after my life-saving liver transplant, I was honoured to be featured by the national NHS organ donation campaign.
organ donation

October – a culmination of huge amounts of blood, sweat and tears as the amazing new board of trustees for the College of Teaching took their places for the first time. I so strongly believe this is going to be beneficial for the profession, I’m so proud of having helped this.

November – felt hugely proud of my sister-in-law who graduated from her MBA in Edinburgh after studying for 6 years from Malta. A really touching visit.

That’s just a few of my highlights, but there’s so much more I could say about family, friends, work and life. Can’t wait to see where 2016 takes me, my colleagues, friends and family.