Summarising information

This fascinating snippet from the 2009 PISA report should surely have had higher profile?

“High-performing countries are also those whose students generally know how to summarise information. Across OECD countries, the difference in reading performance between those students who know the most about which strategies are best for summarising information and those who know the least is 107 score points. And students who say that they begin the learning process by figuring out what they need to learn, then ensure that they understand what they read, figure out which concepts they have not fully grasped, try to remember the most important points in a text and look for additional clarifying information when they do not understand something they have read, tend to perform better on the PISA reading scale than those who do not.”

To put this in context, that’s about 1 whole year’s worth of academic progress! Surely a massive endorsement for AfL, graphic organisers, etc.?

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