The easiest way to encourage reflective teachers – beta testers needed!

Have you ever wanted to know:

  • Do my students do better in my subject than their others, or worse?
  • What subjects are my students good at, and which ones do they struggle with?
  • How does my set compare to the others in the year?
  • Are my students on track to get the grades they are targeted?

Until now the answers to these questions were beyond the reach of most teachers, but I’m a firm believer that teachers want to reflect on their practice, and they need a system that doesn’t require any training in order to do so.

Enter Skoovi, my attempt to create that solution. It’s already being used at my own school, and I’ve had some incredibly positive reactions from some ordinarily sceptical colleagues.

  • “Wow, I had no idea that X did so much better in my subject than his others – I must remember to encourage him”.
  • “This is so easy to use!”
  • “Hey, this is amazing, I love being able to see which students are under-performing in my class – I wish this had been available all year.”

I’d love to find a few partner schools who would be interested in helping me develop this product further, and who would be interested in having this product for free in their schools for a few months. As part of my role as an associate researcher at Brunel University I’d like to evaluate its impact on teaching and the culture of continuous learning.

Have a look at the demo video at:

and try username test and password test to have a go yourself with some dummy school data.

I’d love your feedback and your help. Why not get involved? I’m looking for some schools to participate in the free beta testing phase.

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